V41 Walrus

City, touring, and trekking tire with great all season tread pattern. Optional Stop Thorn puncture protection (3.5mm thick flat prevention strip) and RS (Reflective Stripe with 3M Technology).
47 - 40620 x 1.75"29WireStandardBlack$14.99
47 - 40620 x 1.75"29WireST & RSBlack$30.99
47 - 54024 x 1.75"29WireStandardBlack$15.99
47 - 54024 x 1.75"29WireST & RSBlack$35.99


[ST] Stop Thorn: 3.5 mm special rubber compound buffer placed between tread and carcass that helps prevent puncture or cutoff and reduces risk of tire defect through common use. Increases stiffness and strength in the crown area to help eliminate drag and keep adhesion.

[RS] Reflective Strip: Reflective stripe on the tire sidewall that produces high quality reflective light during dusk and dawn, during night, during fog and when raining for the whole service life of the bicycle tire.

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