V97 Zefyros

Light and fast with low profile knobs. Black tread features 60 durometer compound while the grey portions are 45 durometer.
54 - 55926 x 2.1" Racing Pro127FoldingSDXBlack/Grey$55.99
54 - 55926 x 2.1" Tubeless127FoldingSDX +TS+ LCBlack/Grey$61.99
57 - 62229 x 2.25" Racing Pro127FoldingSDXBlack/Grey$63.99
57 - 62229 x 2.25" Tubeless127FoldingSDX +TS+ LCBlack/Grey$67.99


[SDX] SE-Dual Extreme Light Compound: Combination of two compounds – soft adhesive compound (SSC – Grey Line) on sides with well-proven CRX compound both in tread center and base. Combination of these two compounds makes this a great racing tire with low drag for fast riding and excellent grip and control in curves and traverse.

[TS] Tubeless Supra: Rubena Tubeless Supra technology provides three standard ways of usage together with a special assembly set (see 1 for 3 diagram). Tubeless Supra usage provides higher riding comfort, low drag, high inflating range, and low weight of the set (tire + tube + rim tape) and elimination of tube puncture.

[LC] Liquid Compound: Special blue liquid latex based sealant creates tubeless system.

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