Rubena offers a wide variety of bicycle inner tubes. Rubena Tubes are currently available in 6 inch – 700c sizes, including 27 and 29 inch sizes. Rubena tubes are available with angled valves, Schrader and Presta valves, thorn-resistant construction, extra-durable downhill construction and Slug Self Sealant. Each Rubena tube passes through multiple quality controls before it leaves the factory in Nachod, Czech Republic to ensure that your ride isn’t ruined by defective equipment.

Tube Guide

Unless noted otherwise, all Rubena tubes are constructed with Rubena’s Basic Standard Compound with 0.9 mm thickness.

SV: Schrader Valve

PV: Presta Valve

TAS Thorn: Thorn resistant tube utilizing Rubena’s Top Antipuncture System (TAS) construction technology. TAS thorn resistant tubes are 1.5 mm thick on the tire side and 0.9 mm thick on rim side, making the tube more resistant to pinch and puncture.

DHC: Downhill compound. Special durable compound for extreme loading capacity. 1.5 mm thick on both tire and rim side.

Slug Self Sealant: A preventive, gel-based compound with eco-fibers, binders, polymers and solidifying agents that bond together and seal punctures up to 3 mm.

Light: Lighter compound with high structural strength and reduced 0.6 mm thickness.


6″ – 18″ Tubes

Tube DescriptionRetail Price
6x1-1/4 SV 17 degree$8.99
7x1-3/4 SV 90 degree$9.99
8x1-1/4 SV 45 degree$9.99
10x1.75-2.0 SV$5.99
12.5x1.75-2.1 SV$5.99
12.5x2.1-2.5 SV$5.99
14x1-3/8 - 1-3/4 SV$5.99
16x1.5-2.1 SV$5.99
16x2.1-2.5 SV$6.99
18x1.5-2.1 SV$5.99

20″ – 24″ Tubes

Tube DescriptionRetail Price
20x1.5-2.1 PV$5.99
20x1.5-2.1 SV$5.99
20x2.1-2.5 SV$7.99
24x1 SV$5.99
24x1-1/4 - 1-3/4 SV$5.99
24x1.5-2.1 PV$6.99
24x1.5-2.1 SV$6.99
24x1.5-2.1 SV 48mm$6.99
24x1.75-2.1 SV SLUG SEALANT$13.99
24x2.1-2.5 SV$8.99

26″ Tubes

Tube DescriptionRetail Price
26x1-1/2 - 2 SV$6.99
26x1-1/4 - 1-3/8 SV$5.99
26x1.0-1.5 PV$5.99
26x1.0-1.5 SV$5.99
26x1.5-1.9 PV RUBENA LIGHT TUBE$9.99
26x1.5-2.1 PV RUBENA TAS THORN TUBE$9.99
26x1.5-2.1 PV$6.99
26x1.5-2.1 PV 47mm$7.99
26x1.5-2.1 SV RUBENA TAS THORN TUBE$9.99
26x1.5-2.1 SV$6.99
26x1.5-2.1 SV *BULK BOX/50*$6.99
26x1.5-2.1 SV 48mm$6.99
26x1.9-2.1 PV RUBENA LIGHT TUBE$9.99
26x2.1-2.5 PV$8.99
26x2.1-2.5 SV$8.99
26X2.1-3.0 SV RUBENA DHC TUBE$10.99
26x2.1-3.0 SV 40mm$10.99

27″ – 29″ Tubes

Tube DescriptionRetail Price
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 PV RUBENA THORN TUBE$9.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 PV$6.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 PV 47mm$7.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 SV RUBENA THORN TUBE$9.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 SV$5.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 SV 48mm$6.99
27x1-1/8 - 1-1/4 SV BULK/100$5.99
29x1.0-2.0 PV RUBENA THORN TUBE$9.99
29x1.0-2.0 SV RUBENA THORN TUBE$9.99
29x1.75-2.125 PV 47mm$8.99
29x1.75-2.125 SV$6.99
29x2.125-2.25 PV 47mm$9.99

700c  Tubes

Tube DescriptionRetail Price
700x18-23 PV LIGHT$8.99
700x18-23 PV LIGHT 47mm$9.99
700x18-23 PV LIGHT 60mm$9.99
700x18-23 PV LIGHT 80mm$9.99
700x18-25 PV$6.99
700x18-25 PV 47mm$7.99
700x18-25 PV 60mm$7.99
700x18-25 PV 80mm$8.99
700x25-28 PV$6.99
700x25-28 SV$5.99
700x28-38 PV$6.99
700x28-38 PV 47mm$8.99
700x28-38 SV$6.99